Terms and Conditions

For private customers

(B2B terms, can be read below)

Below you can read our terms of condition, including information about right of withdrawal, delivery time, etc.

The following conditions apply to all orders from PestStopShop. These conditions apply if no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and PestStopShop. All payment is made in €.

For private customers is the delivery note is included with the item due to less use of paper. Therefore, invoices is sent by mail. 

Delivery time and transport

As soon as your order has been received, we will start processing the order. Delivery 2-5 workdays.

The price for delivery depends on the delivery method, the price will be clearly stated in connection with. execution of the order. 

In case of delays, backorders, or sold-out items, we strive to inform you as soon as possible and what next step will be.

The risk for the goods

The risk for goods purchased in PestStopShop passes to you as a consumer when you have got the goods in physical actual possession. delivery time. 

Payment and prices:

All prices are daily prices and only valid on the day of ordering.

We use ReePay and you can pay with the following card types: MasterCard, Maestro Card, Visa and Visa Electron.

Payment will only be deducted from your card when the item is shipped.

Offer prices shown on PestStopSop.eu apply to purchases online. When purchasing in our store, other offers and prices may apply.

Price error If a price is manifestly incorrect and you reasonably should have discovered this, we are not obligated to supply the product in question at the wrong price.   

Communication by mail:

By accepting our terms and conditions in connection with. purchase on Peststopshop.eu, you accept that we may send you emails related to your order, including order confirmation, invoice, delivery information, collection of reviews and general information.

If you have not completed the payment of your order, we allow you to be made aware of this per. mail.

Right of complaint

When you shop with us as a consumer, the rules of the Purchase Act apply to purchases of goods.
This means that you have a right to make a complaint for 24 months.

If your complaint is justified, it means that you can either have the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or a reduction in the price, depending on the specific situation. You must complain within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered the error. If you complain within two months after the error is discovered, the complaint will always be timely.

You cannot complain about errors or damage that you yourself are causing. You can also not complain about ordinary wear and tear. This also applies to products with a limited shelf life.

If the complaint is justified, we will refund your (reasonable) shipping costs. The item must always be sent back in proper packaging.  Also remember to get a receipt for shipping so we can reimburse your shipping costs. The right of complaint lapses if it is caused by, for example, incorrect treatment.

We only accept packages that are sent directly to the address. When you return the item, please enclose a detailed description of the problem. To the extent that the item has broken during transport, we strongly encourage you to contact us or the postal company. Please note on the consignment note that the item is damaged.  

When submitting an item where the complaint is NOT justified (eg due to default or incorrect / irresponsible use), the customer covers shipping costs. This applies both to submission to PestStopShop - and if you subsequently want the item sent / returned.

Limited warranty on your right of complaint

For items with a limited lifespan, however, your right to make a complaint is limited to the shelf-life period that will be stated on the item.

Right of withdrawal  

As a consumer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop with us. 

The cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you received your item. If you have ordered several different items in one order, but they are delivered individually, the deadline runs from the day you receive the last item. 

If the order consists of several lots or parts, the cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you receive the last batch or part. 

The deadline means that you have 14 days from receipt to let us know that you will regret your purchase. 

You can send an email to [email protected] or use the standard cancellation form. You cannot cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the item without notifying us at the same time.

For orders that have been refused receipt or not picked up, the return shipping will be set off. 

Cancellation of part of the purchase If you have purchased several items from us, you have the option of sending one or more items back, even if they were purchased in one order. Please note that you will not be reimbursed for shipping costs if you regret part of your purchase.

Return once you have notified us that you want to cancel your purchase, you have 14 days to send the item back to us. You must pay for the package to be returned, and you are responsible if damage occurs during transport.

When using the right of withdrawal, you pay postage for shipping yourself. As a starting point, we do NOT have the option of sending return labels.

NOTE: We do NOT pick up packages in Parcel Shops. Return shipments must be delivered during our opening hours.

Therefore, we recommend that you use a business package shipping with GLS or DHL. Use tracking so you are sure the shipment arrives.

No right of withdrawal

These agreements may not be revoked: 

Delivery of goods which may be presumed to deteriorate or become obsolete rapidly.

Delivery of sealed goods which for health protection or hygiene reasons are not suitable for return and where the seal has been broken after delivery.

Delivery of goods which, by reason of their nature, are mixed with other goods upon delivery and cannot be disassembled again.

Condition of the item when you send it back If the item has lost value and it is because you have used it in a different way than what was necessary to determine the item's nature, properties, and the way it works, you can only get part of the purchase amount left. 

The amount you can get back depends on the commercial value of the item, and in some cases, it may mean that you can only get the shipping costs back. 

We recommend that you send the item back in the original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, it may lead to a decrease in the value of the item.

Refund of the purchase amount If you regret your purchase, you will get your money back. If the item is impaired, we will deduct the amount you are liable for. 

We will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (however, this does not apply to additional delivery costs in cases where you have chosen a different form of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer), no later than 14 days from the day we have received your message that you want to cancel the agreement.

We will refund the money with the same means of payment that you used at the time of purchase unless we have agreed otherwise. We can withhold payment until we have received the item unless you send us proof of having returned it.

Returned goods are sent to: PestStopShop - Romancevej 41 - 2730 Herlev, Denmark.

With enclosed return form in the package.

We only accept packages that are sent directly to the address.

Right of appeal

If you are resident in an EU country you can complain to the EU Commission's complaint portal here - http://ec.europa.eu/odr   

If you as a consumer want to complain about your purchase, you must contact us by mail:
[email protected]  - remember to state the order number.


Abuse of  www.peststopshop.eu lead to a police report.

CONDITIONS: B2B customers who trade with registered VAT number.

Customers with VAT number can choose to pay per invoice.

Companies: For larger orders, they may be asked for an on-account amount. Delivery note is included with the item, the invoice is sent per. mail. Public institutions or companies with EAN number, the invoice will be sent electronically. Delivery note accompanies the item.

Here you will find our conditions, i.e. information about right of withdrawal, delivery time, etc.

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from PestStopShop. The conditions apply if no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and PestStopShop.

THE RISK OF THE GOODS The risk of goods purchased in PestStopShop passes to you as a dealer at the time of delivery. Complaints Any errors or defects in delivery from PestStopShop must be invoked within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to state and, on request, show how the error or defect manifests itself. If you discover an error, you must quickly contact PestStopShop. B2B customers have a 1-year right to make a complaint from the invoice date on manufacturing and material defects. The right of complaint lapses if it is caused by, for example, incorrect treatment. If the item has broken during transport, you must also contact Post GLS or DSV immediately upon receipt.

No right of withdrawal is granted in B2B.


The store only stores the information necessary to complete your order - including name, address, e-mail, and which item data relates to you. All information will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on or resold to third parties. Your information will only be used for marketing to you if you have expressly agreed to this.

PestStopShop is part of HHS Gruppen A/S
VAT number 2706 6577
Romancevei 41, 2730 Herlev, Denmark
Phone: 0045 44 945 055
[email protected] 

Personal data policy We need the following information when you shop with us: Name, address, tel. No. and email address. We register and pass on the personal information that is necessary to be able to deliver the item to you. The personal information is registered with HHS Gruppen A/S and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted. In addition, we collaborate with several other companies that store and process data. Companies process information solely on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes. We only work with data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection. The data manager at peststopshop.eu

You have the right to be informed of what information we process about you.

Cf. GDPR pr. 25 May 2018 on the storage of user data, you have the right to be informed of what information we process about you.

If you believe that the information is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. In some cases, we have a duty to delete your personal data if you request it. It can e.g., be if your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we were to use it. You can also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law. You can write to us at:  [email protected]


The terms and conditions were last updated on 04.06.2022