SmellsFINE anti-odor cloths (4 pcs.)

SmellsFINE anti-odor cloths (4 pcs.)

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Do you have a smelly room, closet, vehicle, bathroom, garage, dumpster, cottage, etc.?
- Then SmellsFINE against odor is the right product for you!

NEW: SmellsFINE is a Swedish innovation that was released on the market this year.

The anti-odour cloth "captures" odorous molecules - and through a natural process these are neutralized. The cloths then release the molecules, completely odorless.

Contains natural substances and is therefore not dangerous for animals and humans

Description / SmellsFINE anti-odor cloths (4 pcs.)

Anti-odour cloths against smelly rooms, cupboards, vehicles, bedrooms, holiday homes etc. Buy now - receive in 1-3 days.

This is made possible thanks to the Prebona CompTech technology (Swedish patent), which contains natural ingredients (amorphous silicon SiO 2 and water).

Contains no discolouring salts and can therefore work in direct contact with objects without affecting or discolouring clothes, furniture, wood etc.

Content per package:
4 cloths

Size per cloth:
200 x 150 x 10mm

1 cloth covers approx. 5-10 m3. (20-40 m3 per package)
2-3 cloths per car / caravan

If the cloths become dusty or dirty, they can be washed at 40 ° C - without affecting their anti-odour effect.

General information about using the anti-odour cloths:
Distribute the cloths in different areas with unwanted odors. The cloths can be hung on clothes hangers, placed in cupboards, shelves and drawers or fixed behind doors, under the sink and in the bin.

The anti-odor cloth works continuously around the clock - and never gets saturated.
This means your cloths will work just as well in a few years!

Works equally well in cold, hot or humid conditions.

The effect can be felt after only 10 minutes.

How to use the cloths by:

Waste storage: Placed in or near waste disposal, can be used indoors and outdoors.

Under the sink: Remove unpleasant odors by attaching the cloths under the sink.

Toilet: Place it behind the toilet or on cupboards for long-term removal of odors from e.g. Urine smell.

Attic and basement: Put in drawers or hang on hangers to avoid the musty smell that otherwise settles in clothes and other objects.

Pets: Place near a litter box or dog bed - to avoid the smell of animals in the home.

Clothes storage: Hang on hangers or place drawers/cupboards to keep clothes (and bedding) fresh.

Fridge-freezer: The cloths also work in the cold. Avoid refrigerator or freezer smells. Also removes the smell of fish and smelly cheese.

Garage: Remove the smell of rubber/gasoline in the garage and when storing tires.

Car & Boat: Leave cloths in the car or boat for long-term storage. Use the cloths in the same way as at home.

Cottage/holiday home: Always have cloths hanging or lying in the cottage, so you avoid a musty smell when you return.

SmellsFINE is manufactured in Sweden by Scandinavian Nonwoven AB. SmellsFINE is tested according to ISO17299 and environmentally certified according to Bluesign and Oeko-Tex.


How effective is SmellsFINE?
SmellsFine removes odors up to 99% according to certified tests (ISO17299). Over 50 different odorants have been tested.

What odors does SmellsFINE remove?
SmellsFINE effectively removes the odors of smoke, sweat, urine, cooking, pets, garbage, rubber, crude oil, paint, refrigerator odors, onions, as well as storage and basement air. SmellsFINE designed so that it does not remove the smell of mold, but only reduces the smell, because mold is a warning.

Is SmellsFINE environmentally friendly?
Yes, the impregnation on the cloths is environmentally certified by Bluesign and Oeko-Tex and consists only of natural substances (amorphous silicon and water) and is produced in closed systems without heat or pressure and without emissions. The cloths are made of needle felt and can be sorted as combustible for recycling.

Where can I use SmellsFINE?
Everywhere, in all types of rooms, including fridges and freezers. SmellsFINE can be hung, fixed or placed horizontally.

How many cloths do I need?
1 cloth is enough for 5-10 cubic meters of air. 2 cloths fit one car. 1 cloth can be placed in a refrigerator. The number is influenced by odor type and intensity. There are 4 cloths in a package.

How does SmellsFINE work?
The cloth "captures" odorous molecules, converting them into non-odorous ones, which are then released back into the air. SmellsFINE is a fabric felt needle impregnated according to a Swedish patented Prebona CompoTec silicon technology.

How long will my cloth be effective?
SmellsFINE function never wanes for the lifetime of the material. The function thus has no expiry date. This is possible because the fabric does not become saturated like a traditional absorbent cloth. If the cloth becomes dirty, it can be washed at 40 ° C without losing its function.

How do I activate my cloth?
Place SmellsFINE in a smelly environment so that the cloth works continuously at all hours of the day, all days of the year.

Does SmellsFINE contain discolouring salts?
No, none.

Is SmellsFINE dangerous for animals?
No, because the cloth only contains natural substances and does not emit dangerous substances.

Can I put SmellsFINE in a humid room?
Absolutely! The fabric works even in humid conditions.

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