FAQ about Bats

Get answers to (almost) everything about bats. For example, how to remove bats, characteristics - as well as what to do if you are bitten.

Flagermus (Chiroptera)

Why do bats hang upside down?
Bats hang upside down to get instant buoyancy when they need to fly. Actually, it should be called "downsizing". :)

Why are bats protected?
All species of bats in Denmark are protected. This is due to deteriorating living conditions in their places of residence, so the conservation stems from a desire to preserve the species in Denmark and the rest of the EU.

Are bats a mammal?
Yes, bats are mammals. There are 17 species of bats in Denmark. There are around 1000 species of bats worldwide. That is that approximately every fourth mammal is a bat.

Is a bat a bird?
No, a bat is not a bird. Bat is a mammal.

Are bats poisonous?
No, the vast majority of bats are not poisonous to humans. However, bites and bacteria from the bat can cause rashes and similar problems. In addition, several bats host bed bugs and other pests.

Are bats blind?
No, bats are not blind. Most bats are nocturnal and orient themselves via sonar and ultrasound. Some species of bats can see UV light at night to see and find flowers in the dark.

Are bats protected?
Yes, bats are totally protected in Denmark and large parts of the EU.

Are bats endangered?
The bat is threatened due to climate change worldwide. The changing conditions affect the bats' living patterns and natural habitats. This has the consequence that they move to other habitats, where the conditions are often significantly worse.

As a result of climate change, close to 30,000 bats died in Australia after a period of extreme heat. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem, i.a. during pollination of flowers and transport of pollen.

When are bats active?
Bats are active at night, as the vast majority of bat species are nocturnal. However, there can be some exceptions. If you see an active bat during daytime, it will be a rarity.

Where are bats during the day?
During the day, the bat is in its nest. You can often find them in their caves or in the attic of older homes in the countryside.

What are bats afraid of?
Bats are afraid of predators such as owls, snakes and even domestic cats. For the bat, it is important to be able to avoid these predators. The young bats in particular are prey for other predators.

Are Danish bats dangerous?
No, Danish bats are not dangerous. So you can safely move out into the darkness of the forest.

Is a bat a rodent?
The latest studies show that the bat is not directly related to mice or other rodents.

How big are bats?
The typical bats in Denmark have a wingspan of between 15 and 45 cm. The length is 3 to 12 cm with a weight of between 5 and 35 grams.

How do bats give birth and reproduce?
Bats reproduce in the spring, and typically give birth to 1-2 young during the spring and summer months. During this period, it is also illegal to fight bats.

What should you do if you are bitten by a bat?
If you are bitten by a bat, you should always contact your doctor, as bats can carry rabies. Also wash the wound with soap.

What do bats eat?
Bats eat insects, fruits, flowers and nectar.

When can sluicing be used?
Bats must be excluded for two short periods from the end of August to the beginning of September.
As well as at the beginning of May before the breeding season.

How to get rid of bats?
If bats stay in the attic or similar places, you must not close the bats' entrance. Instead, you can advantageously use a lock , which means that they can only get out - but not in.

You can also invest in a bat house , where you give the bat an alternative to the attic.

IMPORTANT: According to Danish legislation, bats are protected. Therefore, they must neither be captured nor killed. Furthermore, you must not destroy or damage their breeding and resting areas.

If a single bat flies around indoors in your home, you can use a shoe box or a cardboard box. When the bat is close to the wall, the box is quickly placed on top of the wall and bat. Below this, a piece of cardboard or thick paper is pushed between the box with the bat and the wall. This allows you to transport the bat outside in the closed box - and set it free.

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