Typical spider species indoors in Danish homes

Overview of the most frequent spiders seen indoors in Denmark. Learn more about spiders in the home.

In Denmark there are approximately 535 spider species, the vast majority of species are so rare that you will never discover them.

I with the guide below, you can find out which spiders are hiding in your home.

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Overview of typical indoor spiders in Denmark

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Milk spider (Pholcus phalangioides)

8-10 mm

Visible all year round

Seen in attics and worse

Very common

Black leggy with small body

See images of milk spider here

Large jumping spider (Marpissa muscosa)

6-10 mm

Visible from May to September

White/ gray with large body

See pictures of big jumping spider here td>

Mouse spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli)

9-11.5 mm< /p>

Visible from April to October

Seen on walls both inside and outside

Most common in Western Denmark

See pictures of mouse spider here

Small house spider (Tegenaria domee stica)

6-10 mm

Visible all year round

Very common

Typically seen in corners and wood as well as in crevices

Note that the female and the male are different in appearance. The male has white markings on the back.

See pictures of small house spider here

Big house spider (Tegenaria atrica)

10-16 mm.

Visible all year round

Rarely seen indoors

Can grow 3 -4 years old

House spider (Tegenaria atrica)

See more pictures large house spider here

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