How to avoid bed bugs after and during the holidays

Sådan undgår du væggelus efter og under ferien

For many, bed bugs can ruin an otherwise good holiday - regardless of whether it is in a hotel, holiday home or hostel in Denmark or on trips in the rest of the world.

Bed bugs do not come from nature, but travel along as blind passengers in our luggage (e.g. sports bags and suitcases). Therefore, accommodations with many visitors are often plagued by bedbugs. In Denmark, the vast majority of accommodation makes a great effort to combat bed bugs.

They do this for the sake of the customers, of course, but also to avoid bad reviews on Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Too bad reviews for hotels, Airbnb, Bed & Breakfast and other accommodations can be a deterrent for potential new customers.

Abroad, accommodation is less aware of bed bugs. Travelers should therefore be careful to avoid bed bugs, which live in sleeping areas, crawling into their luggage and traveling home with them. If you are not careful about bed bugs, you risk the bed bugs moving home with you in your bed!

In Denmark, there is a wide range of products in liquid form, e.g. freezing spray, insect spray or more professional insecticides. Unfortunately, the vast majority cannot be taken outside Denmark. The best alternative is bed bug tape , which is available in several different varieties. Available for both hard and soft surfaces. As a starting point, all bed bug tape is equipped with glue, which means that bed bugs cannot get past - or will get stuck in the tape's glue.

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Did you get bed bugs on holiday?

If you have found bed bugs in your accommodation on holiday, it is important that you do not bring bed bugs home.

Tip 1: Make sure your suitcase is not near beds/sofas in the accommodation. (see guide below)

Tip 2: Store your clothes in tightly sealed bags

Tip 3: When you get home, DO NOT bring suitcases, bags or other luggage into your home.

Tip 4: Put all luggage incl. clothes, bags, suitcases etc. in the freezer for a minimum of 3 days.

Tip 5: Wash all clothes at 60 degrees. Shake the clothes outdoors before washing.

Quarantine your suitcase

The best tip to avoid bed bugs in accommodation abroad is to put your luggage in quarantine as illustrated in the drawing below. Quarantine is recommended both during the holiday - but also after the holiday in your own home.

Illustration af opsætning af væggelus-tape til karantæne af bagage

Guide to the quarantine of suitcases after returning home:

Step 1: Place the luggage on the floor
If you have more than one suitcase/bag, put them on top of each other to minimize space use.

Step 2: Put bed bug tape in a square on all sides of the luggage.
It is important that the tape overlaps each other at the corners, so that the bed bugs cannot crawl through.

Step 3: The tape should be installed at least 10 cm. from the wall.
Also, be aware that the luggage does not exceed the tape.

Step 4: Empty the contents of the suitcase, clothes etc. part by part.
Examine, wash and clean each individual part.

Step 5: Clean, vacuum and clean the luggage.
Make sure to get around all corners, cracks and preferably turn the fabric inside out.

Step 6: The baggage should be quarantined until you are 112% sure that you have completed all steps thoroughly.

TIP: If in doubt, put the empty luggage afterwards in a black waste bag or other tight container. Store it here until the next use to be used again.