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Tired of mosquitoes? Get answers to the most frequent questions about mosquitoes in Denmark. For example, how to fight mosquitoes, where mosquitoes live, which blood type mosquitoes prefer and much more.

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What attracts mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes are attracted to aromas, smells and warmth from people. Therefore, you may experience being more exposed to mosquitoes when you sweat. activity or high temperatures. The mosquitoes smell their way through small "antennae", which the mosquito uses to find its prey. Mosquitoes can smell people up to 50 meters away - and they like to fly far to eat.

Where do mosquitoes live?
Mosquitoes live in areas with high humidity and warm environments. Typically in the forest, garden or near rivers and lakes. Therefore, you should avoid walking around lakes and streams - especially in the evening. Then you avoid becoming dinner for mosquitoes in the area.

What do mosquitoes feed on?
Female mosquitoes feed on blood from animals and humans, while male mosquitoes feed on nectar from flowers. Mosquito larvae live in the water and eat small microorganisms from the water. Most mosquito bites occur in August, when living conditions are best for mosquitoes in Denmark.

How fast can mosquitoes fly?
A mosquito can fly up to 4 hours without breaks and fly at a speed of 1-2 km/h. That is it can fly up to 8 kilometers without stopping.

Which mosquitoes bite?
Only the female mosquito bites. The female mosquito is dependent on blood, as it needs the blood to produce eggs.

How do I avoid mosquito bites?
You can advantageously put on clothes that cover your entire body. Then the mosquitoes have more difficulty gaining access to your body. Feel free to use blouses and jackets that can be sealed around the wrists and ankles so that mosquitoes cannot crawl under trousers or sleeves.

If you have many mosquitoes near your bed and sleeping area, you may benefit from using a mosquito net. Or set up insect nets at doors and entrances.

What color are mosquitoes attracted to?
Mosquitoes are attracted to dark and strong colors. That is why you should dress in neutral colors during mosquito season.

What blood type do mosquitoes prefer?
Studies have known that mosquitoes prefer people with blood type 0. To such an extent that people with blood type 0 are twice as susceptible to mosquito bites compared to, for example, people with blood type A.

Why do mosquitoes like some better than others?
This can be due to several things. Mosquitoes prefer people with blood type 0, people wearing clothes in strong or warm colors. At the same time, mosquitoes may prefer you if, for example, you sweat more than other people. In addition, some people emit a natural scent that mosquitoes find more attractive than the scent of others.

Many believe that increased intake of B vitamins or garlic deters mosquitoes. This is not correct. It may have some additional effects that in the long term scare away mosquitoes, but in the short term it has no effect according to several studies.  

Where do mosquitoes lay eggs?
It is slightly different for the species of mosquito. The forest mosquito lays eggs in the summer in damp places on the forest floor. For example, between leaves and seagulls. They only hatch the following spring around March.

Large house mosquito lays its eggs on the surface of the water, where they lie in small clumps of eggs and larvae. The larvae can be found in small lakes, pools, gutters, streams and similar places.

How many mosquito species are there in Denmark?
In Denmark, there are approximately 30 different stinging mosquito species.

How many mosquitoes are there in the world?
Worldwide, there are approximately 3,500 mosquito species. Mosquitoes are found in all countries – except Iceland, whose combination of climate, environment and location mean that mosquitoes do not thrive on the rocky island. Then if you are not a fan of mosquitoes, you can consider Iceland as your next excursion destination.

Why do mosquitoes buzz?
Mosquitoes are equipped with small, narrow wings, which emit small audible vibrations when the mosquito flies. However, it is only the female mosquito that makes the buzzing sound. The buzzing low frequency sound is also used as communication between the mosquitoes. The hum is used, among other things, between the mosquitoes when they try to cure each other.

Can mosquitoes live in winter?
Mosquitoes live for about 2-3 months over the summer, they will typically die when the cold and winter come. However, some species and mosquitoes can seek shelter, for example, in summer houses, trees or in attics. Here they will go into a form of winter hibernation until spring comes. If the female mosquito is disturbed in its hibernation, it will try to search for blood.

Do mosquitoes die when they bite?
No, mosquitoes do not die when they bite. On the contrary, they sting to suck blood and thus survive – as well as to be able to produce.

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