How to fight cockroaches

Guide to fighting cockroaches in the home, businesses and restaurants. Read our tips for catching cockroaches.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in Northern Europe. They are known to be extremely hardy and can survive for long periods without food or water. Cockroaches can transmit diseases and cause allergic reactions, and their presence can therefore have a negative effect on both health and hygiene. In this blog post, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to fight cockroaches in Northern Europe.

First of all, it is important to understand why cockroaches are present in your home or business. Cockroaches thrive in warm, moist environments with plenty of food and water. They can find their way into your home or business through cracks or crevices in buildings, or by being brought in via items such as food, cardboard boxes or suitcases. Therefore, it is important to keep your surroundings clean and tidy to minimize the risk of cockroaches settling.

To combat cockroaches, there are several different methods that can be used. One of the most effective methods is to use insecticides, which can be purchased at pharmacies or specialty stores. These products are specially formulated to kill cockroaches, but they can also have a negative effect on people and pets. Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and take the necessary precautions when using these products.

Another effective method of controlling cockroaches is to set up cockroach traps. These traps contain a toxic bait to which the cockroaches are attracted. When the cockroaches eat the bait, they become poisoned and die. Cockroach traps can be bought from pharmacies, supermarkets and specialist shops and are easy to use.

A third method of controlling cockroaches is to use a professional exterminator. These companies specialize in controlling cockroaches and other pests and can offer an effective and long-term solution to the problem. A professional pest control professional will typically inspect your home or business and identify the areas where the cockroaches are present. They will then use a combination of insecticides, traps and other methods to control the cockroaches and prevent further infestation.

Controlling cockroaches in restaurants can be particularly challenging due to the specific hygiene requirements that must be met. It is important to follow the relevant food and hygiene rules and to work with a professional pest controller to ensure effective control. It is also important to take the necessary precautions to prevent infestation, including keeping work areas clean and tidy, ensuring proper storage of food and waste, and inspecting items entering the restaurant.

Controlling cockroaches can be a challenging task, but it is important to take it seriously to avoid health risks and hygiene problems. By following the above tips and tricks, you can reduce the risk of infestation and maintain a healthy and hygienic environment in your home, business or restaurant.

10 good tips for fighting cockroaches:

✔️ Identify the problem: Before you can control cockroaches, you must first identify the problem. Cockroaches are usually active at night, so investigate areas where they can hide, such as kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, or hidden corners. You may also find droppings or traces of cockroaches such as cocoons or hides.

✔️ Keep your home clean: Cockroaches thrive in dirty environments, so it is important to keep your home or business clean and tidy. This includes taking out rubbish every day, drying surfaces regularly and avoiding leaving food scraps out.

✔️ Close to access: Make sure your home or business is well sealed so that cockroaches cannot enter. Seal cracks or holes in walls, floors, doors and windows. Use sealants to seal cracks and crevices.

✔️ Clean up after pets: Cockroaches are attracted to pet food, so be sure to clean up after your pet and store food in airtight containers.

✔️ Use traps: Traps can be an effective way to catch and kill cockroaches. There are many different types of traps available, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

✔️ Avoid Homemade Solutions: Many homemade solutions, such as vinegar or baking soda, can be ineffective in controlling cockroaches. It is best to use professional products and techniques to ensure effective control.

✔️ Monitor Outdoor Areas: Cockroaches can enter your home through cracks and crevices in exterior walls and roofs. Monitor these areas to ensure they are intact and close cracks and fissures when detected.

✔️ Store food properly: Store food in airtight containers and avoid leaving food scraps out in the open. Make sure the fridge and freezer are working properly and keep them clean.

✔️ Be aware of high humidity areas: Cockroaches thrive in humid environments, so be aware of high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Use a dehumidifier or open the windows to reduce humidity.

✔️ Work with a professional: If you suspect a cockroach infestation

What do cockroaches look like in Northern Europe?

In Northern Europe, there are primarily two species of cockroaches that can be found indoors: the German cockroach (Blattella germanica) and the Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis).

The German cockroach is the most common and typically measures between 1.1 and 1.6 cm in length. It has two dark stripes on the chest and wings that are longer than the body. The color can vary from light brown to dark brown.

The oriental cockroach is a larger species, measuring up to 3 cm in length. It is dark brown and does not have stripes on the chest like the German cockroach. It also has wings, but they are shorter than the body.

Both species of cockroach are nocturnal and are known to hide in dark, damp places, such as kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and hidden corners. Cockroaches can be hard to spot, but you can sometimes see their droppings or traces of them, such as casings or hides.

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