Goodnature A-24 Public PROFF (LAST CHANCE)

Goodnature A-24 Public PROFF (LAST CHANCE)

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GN A-24 Public safebox is an innovative surface trap for combating rats and mice - without the use of poison!

Intended for use in places where the trap is visible, e.g. at the main entrance to a building or other places with public access.

-> Mechanical compressed air driven surface trap
-> Documented results
-> Effective control without poison
-> Easy and simple to use
-> Durable solution with low operating costs
-> Environmentally friendly and humane control
-> Equipped with serial number
-> Fastens effectively

The design of the Safebox means that dead rats/mice are hidden away from the public.

>>> When installing, gloves are recommended, as the edges can be sharp <<<

Description / Goodnature A-24 Public PROFF (LAST CHANCE)

GN A-24 Public for catching mice and rats - without using poison. Ideal for trapping at public buildings. Order now - receive in 1-3 days.

Goodnature SAFEBOX® effectively combats rodents and small vermin in public and urban environments, via a mechanical gas cartridge driven piston. The gas cartridge is automatically activated by the pest, and can be used 24 times before replacement.

The trap requires minimal maintenance and can be monitored via the attached counter. The dead pest will remain in the trap after activation, and will therefore not be a nuisance to passers-by.

Goodnature SAFEBOX® must be placed strategically, preferably as an outer shield, and is fully effective after a 6-8 week adaptation period. All other feed in the area must be removed for maximum effect.

Installation of CO2 Cartridge. We have experienced in some cases that the brass part comes out with the CO2 cartridge when it is removed. This is because the CO2 cartridge has been tightened too tightly during installation. Therefore, it is important that during installation you only tighten the CO2 cartridge up to the point where it is heard that the tip of the cartridge is perforated.

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