Ferret Pro Inspection Camera

Ferret Pro Inspection Camera

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Smart professional inspection camera for pest and rodent control

Ferret Pro has:

✔️ Built-in WiFi hotspot
✔️ Wireless and rechargeable
✔️ 720p HD streaming
✔️ Digital Zoom function
✔️ Charges in just 1 hour
✔️ App (free) controlled variable focus
✔️ Angle adapter - place the camera at right angles to the pole

Equipped with "Ferret always up view" - even if the camera is upside down, the image always faces correctly on your phone.

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Description / Ferret Pro Inspection Camera

Buy Ferret Pro Inspection Camera for controlling pests, mice and rats. Wireless 720p HD camera with built-in WiFi hotspot.

Ferret Pro is a professional, powerful and intelligent inspection tool designed and engineered with award-winning features to provide easier, faster and safer visual inspections. Includes app-controlled lens with variable focus and super-fast charging.

If you need to find and pull a cable, or need to spot something out of reach, the Ferret Pro is the perfect tool. Ideal tool for electricians, mechanics, craftsmen, etc.

The Ferret PRO Kit includes:
- Padded EVA case
- Ferret Pro IP67 rated camera
- Flexible gooseneck and short pole
- Right-angled adapter
- Hook and magnet
- Thread adapters
- USB-C charging cable
- Extra O-rings and user manual

Main Features:

Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless and rechargeable

Enables high resolution live streaming with a wireless range of up to 15m

Built-in rechargeable battery

IP67 dustproof and waterproof

Free app that is easy and intuitive

720p HD streaming – Very clear images directly to your smartphone

Digital Zoom – See objects closer with the Ferret app's digital zoom

Adjustable bright white LEDs - make it easier to find the source of the problem

Ferret Always Up viewing mode – In the settings screen of the Ferret app, you can choose to have the image display in either normal mode or Always Up mode, so that the image is always facing correctly on the screen

App-controlled variable focus with a focal length down to 6 cm to see the finer details. Focal length can be set to infinity for extra clarity

Super fast charging – charge the Ferret from 0 to 95% in just 1 hour
12 month warranty (extended warranty is available)

Used to:

✔️ Visual inspections of e.g. pests and rodents

✔️ Installations of lighting cables

✔️ As a tool for maintenance and repair work at work or at home

✔️ Very quick and easy to turn on and link to your phone, so perfect for a quick look

✔️ Record photos and videos directly to the phone's photo gallery

0.33 kg

15 m


WiFi 2.4Ghz

Usage time
up to 100 minutes

IP certification

80mm X 32mm

Operating temperature
0°C to 35°C


More Information

BrandFerret Tools
ProdukttypeSecurity and Protection, Accessories

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