Ferret Pest camera

Ferret Pest camera


Ferret Pest camera for efficient pest inspection

- Creates photos for inspection reports
- Ideal for inspecting hard-to-reach places
- Eliminates the need for ladders
- Reduce the risk
- Ideal for inspection of pest activities

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Description / Ferret Pest camera

Buy Ferret Pest camera. Wireless camera with built-in WiFi hotspot. 720p high definition streaming. Connects easily and quickly to your phone.

The Ferret Pest Camera is an award-winning specialist wireless inspection tool designed to provide faster control of insects and pests.

Suitable for professional pest control in places you cannot get to yourself.

An ideal tool for inspecting rodents, insects and bird activities, e.g. harbor areas and at bird nests. The camera can be attached to Ferret Stick extension tubes for extended reach, which can help reduce the risk and time involved in using and transporting ladders.

Wireless and rechargeable for convenience with built-in WiFi hotspot, 720p high definition streaming that delivers photo and video directly to your phone.

Control focus and other adjustments directly on your smartphone via the free app. Charges super fast from 0 to 95% in 1 hour and an Always Up Viewing mode, so no matter which way the camera is turned, the image always faces the right way up.

Included in the package is a right-angle adapter that allows the camera to turn 90 degrees to support multiple viewing angle options.

VIDEO: Example of Ferret in use (Please note hook and telescope not included)

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