Fabric mask in black 1 pc.

Fabric mask in black 1 pc.


Fabric mask black.

Black fabric mask in deliciously soft material to cover the mouth and nose.

Adjustable elastics ensure a good fit.

Reusable - can be machine washed at 60 degrees after use.

Pocket for extra filter (purchased separately)

Description / Fabric mask in black 1 pc.




Fabric gag, black, in soft material with adjustable elastics.

Masks produced in China, where people have long had a culture of protecting their fellow humans if they themselves feel sluggish or ill.

Can be used in shops, supermarkets, at the doctor's, in public transport, in restaurants and cinemas etc. where masks are required.


Can be reused, but should be washed after each use to avoid infection.

Store your mask in a clean bag and have another bag ready for your used mask.

Since you may only use the mask once between each wash, it is recommended to have several masks with you, so that you have a new one each time it is required.

Can be machine washed at 60 degrees.

A good cloth mask is better than no mask.

Fabric masks are not subject to the same quality standards as disposable masks and we cannot give you a guarantee for the degree of protection during use. Therefore, it is also important to emphasize that the biggest benefit of using cloth masks is that you protect others from COVID-19 if you are infected and that others protect you if they are infected by using cloth masks.

It is also important to use the mask correctly if it is to have an effect, regardless of the type. For example, you must have clean hands when you put it on, and you should clean your hands after you have taken it off and you should not touch it while it is on.

The Danish Health Authority does NOT recommend that you use homemade masks or visors, as this can generate false security.

Good hand hygiene and distance.

Masks help prevent viruses and bacteria from talking, spitting, coughing and sneezing from ending up in the air and thus out among others. It is a good supplement to prevent infection, but good hand hygiene in the form of hand washing or rubbing alcohol when hand washing is not possible and distance is still important.

Wash/sanitize your hands before touching your mask and again when it has to be taken off and after it has been discarded/handled, as there may be virus particles on the mask and you can thus inadvertently transfer viruses and bacteria to other surfaces around you.

You should also perform hand hygiene before and after shopping, when you get home, after going to the toilet, before and after handling food, before and after meals, after handling laundry and waste, and so on. If an activity is not on the list and you are in doubt - wash your hands.

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BrandMMM tools
Product typeSecurity and Protection
Effect againstBacteria and viruses
Places of useIndoors, Outdoor