How to disinfect after mice and rats

How to disinfect after mice and rats Tips and advice for effective disinfection after mice and rats. Read here the guide on how to easily fight bacteria and viruses.

If you have had mice or rats, it often requires cleaning, cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning and the clean-up is of course due to the damage that rodents may have caused to your furniture. If mice and rats have stayed for a long time in a certain area, for example in your shed or garage, it is necessary to carry out a disinfection to remove invisible batteries and viruses such as can make people sick.

It is particularly important to disinfect the area to protect against the leptospira bacteria, campylobacter, listeria and salmonella bacteria.

In the vast majority of cases, you can clean and disinfect the area yourself. If you do it yourself, you can save many kroner, unlike if you hire a professional for the task. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can instead contact a pest control or similar to disinfect the area after a rodent visit.


  • Remove food scraps and other potential food from the area
  • Avoid feeding birds as the leftovers can attract mice and rats
  • Use protective equipment when disinfecting
  • Spray the areas where there are signs of rodents
  • Protect your home with rodent repellant - have entrances to the area closed
  • Use mouse traps, rat traps and electric scares – to avoid rodents in the future
  • If you choose to disinfect yourself, you must always use a correct and approved agent for the purpose. Remember also approved protective equipment, e.g. protective suit/disposable suit, rubber gloves and respirator. It is not a requirement, but recommended.

As a rule, no basic rule can be laid down for where and how much you must disinfect. A good starting point is to treat all the areas and places where mice and rats stay. If the rodents have stayed in areas with food, you must be even more thorough.

Conversely, this does not mean that just because you have had rodents in the ceiling, for example, that you must subsequently treat the entire ceiling. Instead, focus on disinfecting the areas where you find dirt, excrement and other remains left by mice and rats.


Get answers to some of the most frequent questions about disinfection after mice and rats here.

"Should I clean before disinfecting?"
As a starting point, it is not necessary to clean before disinfection. It is recommended that you first clean afterwards.

"How long will it sit?"
The agent must typically sit on the area for a minimum of 10 minutes. But finally let it sit longer - just in case. (Always read the instructions for use on the product)

"Can you spray disinfectant outdoors?"
Yes, you can disinfect outdoors. Do it on dry days. Not recommended on rainy days.

"Can you disinfect near food?"
Yes, but you have to be extra careful. Remove all food before treatment. Surfaces that may come into contact with food must be rinsed/dried afterwards with water or a damp cloth.

How to apply disinfection:

Shake the container before use - and spray the agent directly on the affected areas, let it sit for 10-15 min as a protective film. If you use agents indoors, remember to ventilate thoroughly. (Always read the instructions for use either on our website or on the product itself)