About us

At PestStopShop, we are experts in pest control. Our employees has more than 30 years of experience in pest control. 

Our history

Our European branch opened in 2022. The company can be traced all the way back to 1957, when Abatox Pest Service was founded. For the first many years, our pest service was out pest control - for both private and business. In step with the digital development around the turn of the millennium as well as an increasing demand for solutions and products such customers could "do it themselves". That's why we started our Danish webshop in 2005 - with cheap and easy solutions for controlling insects and pests.

Our motivation

We are motivated by offering our customers a large selection of simple, effective and smart products for "do-it-yourself" insect and pest control. At PestStopShop.eu you will find over 500 products against everything from silverfish to rats. Our products are approved for use in the EU (unless otherwise stated on the product page) used by all users. The products are selected according to durability, quality, functionality and that the products can be offered at a fair price to you.

Help for professionals and individuals

PestStopShop.eu is for everyone - who has problems with insects and pests. We have products that can be used by all private individuals. The majority of the products require no training or proof. If we receive repeated complaints about a specific product or model, they are based on our range. If we are missing a product in our range, you are of course very welcome to contact us.

If you need help or advice, you are welcome to contact us by email.

Who are we?

PestStopShop.eu is part of the HHS Group - which operates a number of webshops in Europe. Our employee is a former pest controllers from Abatox Pest Control Service, therefore we can advise on pest control and pest prevention.