Deer Shield Pro - Deer Scarer (LAST CHANCE)

Deer Shield Pro - Deer Scarer (LAST CHANCE)

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Environmentally friendly, safe and humane deterrent against deer and roe deer

Deer Shield Pro uses the energy of its natural survival instincts and internal communication to effectively repel them from crops, orchards, airports, gardens and landscaped areas.

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Description / Deer Shield Pro - Deer Scarer (LAST CHANCE)

Digital recordings of hostile and territorially active deer (audible to humans) are played through this weather-proof scare with speaker, triggering a primal fear response and removing the unwanted animal. After this, the deer will soon move to places where they can stay without feeling threatened.

Deer Shield Technology
Deer Shield scares deer and deer away from crops, orchards and vineyards. Deer Shield is the result of 25 years of research and development in animal systems by Bird Gard USA. Lincoln University in Nebraska has actively contributed to the development of Deer Shield, which, among other things, has investigated the product's effect through rigorous tests.

Deer and roe deer live in an interdependent social structure where they use sound to signal danger to the herd. Deer Shield broadcasts a danger message to the entire herd, causing them to flee. Deer quickly change their movements and feeding habits - to completely avoid the burdened areas.

Advanced features that change randomly, which the user can adjust, mean that game does not get used to the sounds.

Adapter included.

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