Catch Alive (No Subscription) (LAST CHANCE)

Catch Alive (No Subscription) (LAST CHANCE)

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Catch Alive is an intelligent communication device that enables monitoring of pest traps via associated app. Can be used on many different trap types.

Contains the following:
-> Fittings
-> SIM card
-> Batteries

When used together with GN A-24, CatchAlive records the trap from the Goodnature GPS position, and data that is used for documentation of control, as well as the decision to replace the Co2 cartridge.

The subscription for Catch Alive is paid for and set up directly at Catch Alive.
Subscription price 250 years / annually + VAT. (year 2018)

Instructions for creating the subscription are in the enclosed box.

Description / Catch Alive (No Subscription) (LAST CHANCE)

Catch Alive

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